Industrial Facilities
Endüstriyel Tesisler

For the security and automation requirements of industrial facilities, we design and implement complete solutions that are suitable for demanding environmental conditions and business processes that will work reliably and consistently, and provide the safety and comfort of your employees at an excellent level.

We know the importance of uninterrupted processes for industrial facilities, ie. business continuity. In order for your facilities to operate 365x24 uninterruptedly, we design and implement solutions that work flawlessly, reliably, can give early warnings, are easy to operate, and have total purchasing cost, by using technological products suitable for environmental conditions and processes.

We design and implement fire detection, smoke evacuation and automatic fire extinguishing systems that will enable you to prevent fire, which is the biggest risk for the continuity of your business, to interfere in the fastest way and to survive with the least damage.

We offer integrated software solutions that allow the systems of your facilities located in different locations to be monitored and managed from a local or remote center.

We establish control rooms and monitoring systems that enable you to monitor the facility as a whole in possible emergencies and implement your emergency scenarios by communicating your production and operating processes in your facilities with our security and building automation systems for emergencies.

In agreement with the security requirements of your facilities, we design and implement security systems in stages from the outer borders of your facilities to the most sensitive areas.

We offer solutions that fully meet the demands of the fire department or the municipality, in accordance with local or international standards. We offer quality, fast and economical after-sales services to our customers with our expert technical service staff and regional solution partners.

Our company designs projects that will meet the information, comfort and security needs of people, businesses and buildings to be more efficient and productive, and offers effective and permanent solutions by blending and applying physical products / systems and software.

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