Fire Detection and Alarm
Fire Detection and Alarm

Fire detection and alarm systems; it will detect fires in buildings such as facilities, businesses and buildings against possible fire risks at the first stage and inform those in the building. As part of the firefighting strategy, it will prevent the spread of fire and smoke, hence activating the necessary mechanical and electronic devices for safe evacuation. Security units will also be notified in order to go through with the fire protection regulations in Turkey as well the TS CEN / TS EN54-14 guideline; a compulsory system made to protect both life and property. Fire detection systems; fire protection regulations and TS CEN/TS EN54-14, is designed according to the guideline and has validity in Turkey

Fire detection and warning systems are planned and designed in order to meet different needs within the scope of the firefighting strategy created by evaluating criteria such as risk class, the coefficient of the human load, operational processes, life style in the building, safe evacuation time etc. Depending on this, various applications can be created. In today's technological development, the necessity and level of integration between fire detection systems and other security and control systems is rising day by day in high-rise buildings, factories, business centers, hospitals and lastly buildings, where people are densely populated.

As a company, we design and offer our customers systems with an expandable flexible architecture, which fully convenes the demands of the fire department or the municipality, in accordance with local and international standards.

The type of construction, the risk class, the intended purpose of use, size and architectural structure of the building will pivotal for the system we will recommend for you.

For buildings with different purpose and risks "Turkey Fire Protection Regulations" there are distinct requirements and conditions which must comply in the standards referred to by the regulation. However, if your buildings are abroad, there may be different standards to be followed..

System design in Turkey adopted by the TSE "EN54-14" and in other countries, "NFPA" and also "GHOST BIS" are used as different standards. In addition to this, various certifications are required for the products to be used. Therefore, the suggested system and products should be selected in the correct method for you.

Designing the fire detection system in agreement with the regulations and standards and using the most applicable system for the needs are of vital importance in terms of guaranteeing the safety of life and property in your buildings and your legal responsibilities.